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 Happi 6 Game Explained

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PostSubject: Happi 6 Game Explained   Sat Nov 29, 2008 11:41 am

Affiliate Opportunity

Happi 6 Game

Welcome to Happi 6, the most fantastic and amazing lotto‐style game in the world. A
game that allows you to create your own winning streak! A game that allows you to make
massive and increasing commissions every day!

Happi 6 Game Rules

The Happi 6 Game is a 6 number game where the players choose 6 single digit numbers from 0‐9.
These can be any numbers or even a birthday. Each of these numbers will correspond to a country
and we use the last whole number of that country’s stock market when it closes on a Wednesday
evening. Simple eh!

“So if the UK FTSE Index closes at 1234.56 we would use the 4 as the last whole
You don’t need to know anything about stock markets you just need to know 2 things; 1) it’s tamperproof
and cannot be fixed, and 2) you can win if the stock markets go up or down.

The rules are very simple indeed and anyone one can play. Choose 6 numbers (5 numbers and a
Bonus Number). The Bonus number only comes in to play if you have the other 5 correct. You
simply have to match as many numbers as you can. The more numbers you match the more prizes
you win.

The Game is run every Wednesday evening when the stock markets close at 6pm CET. That’s when
we find the closing figures and punch in those lucky winning numbers.
The cost of each ticket is 75p in the UK and €1 in Europe

1 in 10 is a winner!

The odds of winning our prizes are better than any similar game, and far greater than national
alternatives. So let’s look at the breakdown of the odds and prize pool.

MultiWins are the best!

When you introduce people to play you are entitled to a 10% bonus on their prizes. So if they win £10 you will
win £1. If they win £100,000 you would win £10,000 just for inviting them.
What’s more, when they invite their friends you are entitled to MultiWins from those winnings also, at a
massive rate of 6%. So if the friend of one of your friends wins £10,000 then you would win £600 as well,
totally amazing. This applies for 5 generations of winners. This means you could invite lots of players who
invite tens of players who go on to invite hundreds of players. You could have thousands of chances to win
every single week.
Additionally, if you have 10 tickets in a game, you can benefit from an extra 3 levels of winners in your
downline at 4%. So you can earn MultiWins from up to 8 generations of players in total!

Commission on Sales

On top of that, as an Affiliate you are entitled to sales commission on all tickets purchased by customers you
introduce, and customers they introduce down to 5 generations. In the case of personal Introductions this is a
massive 20% of the ticket sales, with a 5% downline benefit.
Look at the table below which summarises the benefits you gain from promoting Direct Sales of Tickets (D) to

NOTE: You do not need to qualify to receive these commissions from your own players, you just need to have
10 tickets per game. If you wish to earn commission from players introduced by other Affiliates in your team
then you need to qualify for levels as per the GlobalWon Plus Affiliate Programme.

Promoting the Happi6 Game

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to promote the Happi 6 Game, we have lots of ways you can do
this, and we will have special training too.
Right now you can get your friends involved by driving them to go to our site and join our fantastic
game. As an Affiliate you will have your own unique login name, that you chose when you joined
GlobalWon Plus. You use this login name to send people to our website. You simply add a /your
username to our website address.

Referral URL example

If your GlobalWon Plus login name is luckyboy then you would send your friends to

When your friends go to the site it will set a cookie on their machine that lets us know who sent
them, all very simple stuff really.

Web Banners

We also have a series of banners in
development for imminent release that can be
used in the same way. If you have your own
website you can add these banners to it and
we will provide you the links to our site.

Downloadable and Printable Materials

We will be launching lots of downloadable materials in the form of adverts of every size, posters and
lots of promotional materials based around the Happi 6 game. You can download these and print
them. However very soon we will be printing some of them in large quantities and allowing you to
buy them directly from your GlobalWon Plus back office.

[size=18]Promotional Leaflets[/size]

Promotional Leaflets summarising the game and its amazing MultiWin magic will be available to buy.
On each of these leaflets will be a promotional code that we can relate to your account. As the
leaflets get used by interested parties it will tag the referral to you so that you can be allocated the
commissions from those sales.

Scratch Card Initiative

In early 2009 we plan on launching a promotional scratch card, which will be available to buy directly
from the company at nominal cost to help you promote the game. Give it to anyone interested in
Happi 6 and they will be able to play an instant win game (with small prizes). They will also be able
to scratch off 6 numbers and play them in the next game if they go to the website. It’s like an
extension of the FreePlay programme we have, where they will be given a chance to win prizes and
free entries. But instead of the huge leap from FreePlayer to Affiliate we are asking them to make
the tiny step of FreePlayer to regular player, based on our fantastic odds, prizes and MultiWins, not
a business opportunity.

If you were to purchase thousands of scratch cards and use them wisely, with our help you could use
them to bring in lots of players. And with 20% of each direct sale in your pocket, it’s more than
worth it.

Using your own domain name

It’s wise for you to register your own domain name when promoting through printed materials as it
gives people less to have to remember or type. You could purchase a domain name such as
www.winwithus.com and then set it up to redirect to www.happi6.com/yourname.

The legal boring stuff that we have to tell you

As we are promoting a game directly we have talked to the legal boys and while we don’t want to be
square or boring it’s vital that the only Happi 6 adverts out there are either ours, which you get from
the GlobalWon Plus site, or ones we have specifically approved.
I know this sounds restrictive, but believe me with central co‐ordination of the adverts it helps us
make better and better ads and the monitor the effectiveness of each creative.
So here’s a list of what you can’t do:‐
• Print any adverts about Happi 6 or containing significant reference to Happi 6 that have not
been obtained from us or approved by us (please allow 14 days to review your advert)
• Use yourself any Top Level Domain with happi6 or happisix as the URL, this includes .com
.co.uk .eu .asia or any direct URL where happi6, happisix or its variants are used prior to the
.dot. We can offer you commercial cost value of any domains you may have already
secured, but legally cannot have customers’ misunderstanding that the page they are on is
the official Happi Group owned website or game site.
• Promote anything other than the facts available on the site, including odds, prizes, winners,
commissions or other numbers. These cannot be tampered with to misrepresent positively
or negatively the Happi 6 game or its related commission plan.
• You must abide by existing terms and conditions about representing GlobalWon Plus and
encompassing protection of the image of Happi 6, Happi Group and related parties.
• You must remove within 24 hours any materials that are brought to our attention which we
deem to be misrepresenting the game or company in any way.

Example earnings and winnings

Based on average purchases and MultiWin payouts.

Appendix A – Direct Sales Income from Players

Appendix B – MultiWins from Players

Appendix C – MultiWins from Players (£7.50 / 10 tickets per week each with 5 referrals each)

Example Commissions and MultiWins Model

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Happi 6 Game Explained
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