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 The 9 Affiliate Income Streams

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PostSubject: The 9 Affiliate Income Streams   Sat Nov 29, 2008 12:50 pm

1. Play the Game in Advance

As an advocate of the game you also need to be playing it. So when you start as an Affiliate you get to play for at least 10 weeks.

With GlobalWon Plus your chances of winning a big prize are much better than with most similar games.

What this means is more people win big prizes more often.

As an Affiliate you take advantage of GlobalWon Plus’s incredible winning odds from the day you join.

2. Win when your Friends Win

MultiWin is unique to the GlobalWon Plus game. As soon as you start to build your community of Affiliates and Players, you are going to win even more prizes. This is because when people in your community win prizes, so do you.

For every winning entry GlobalWon Plus pays out 9 prizes – the main prize to the winner, and MultiWin bonuses to 8 of their friends.

So if someone in your community wins €100,000, you will receive a MultiWin of around €4,000. You receive a MultiWin whenever your friends, or your friends’ friends, win. In fact you get MultiWins from friends up to 8 steps away from you. Just by introducing a few friends who play the game, who then go on to introduce others, you could receive tens, hundreds, or even thousands of MultiWins each and every week!

3 & 4. Fast Start Bonuses

In communities, people help each other. In the GlobalWon Plus community you get handsomely rewarded for this.

To begin with you get your own community going by introducing your first friends.

Once you have done this we will pay you a bonus of between 10% and 20% on the initial purchases of your personal friends.

If you then help these friends to get their own communities started, we pay you another 10% to 20% bonus on the purchases of your friends’ personal friends.

With Fast Start Bonuses, every Affiliate can start earning significant amounts of money straight away.

5.Monthly bonus on your community’s ticket purchases

As your community grows bigger and bigger so does your earning potential. Every month we pay you 5% in bonuses on the purchases of your entire community.

The monthly community bonus is paid on everything bought by your community, whether initial purchases or repeat purchases – so it pays to keep all your community playing.

As more people play, your residual income can increase each month. Once you have a large community your residual income could rise to a life-changing level, and you can keep on earning it for many, many years.

6. Ace of Diamonds Jackpot

As a new GlobalWon Plus Affiliate you join as a Clubs, Hearts, Spades or Diamonds Affiliate. Once you introduce your first friends you are given the card number 2, making you the “2 of Clubs” for example.

As your community and earnings grow you go up from card number 2 all the way up to Ace. And as you play more tickets yourself in the GlobalWon Plus game, your suit will also change.

This fun and easy system allows you to track your progress month by month in reaching the top rank, which is the Ace of Diamonds.

When you become an Ace of Diamonds there is a very special prize in store for you.

You will automatically receive a bonus equal to the current Top Prize, up to a maximum cash value of €150,000!

This one off mega bonus helps you focus your efforts and rewards you for building a fantastic and strong community. Perhaps you can pay off your mortgage or take that round the world cruise you have always dreamed of.

7. Monthly Executive Bonus

Even if you become an Affiliate just to make a little extra money, by the time you reach card number 7 there is a good chance that Global Won Plus will be your main source of income.

At this stage you are ready to think about making your living entirely from GlobalWon Plus.

This is a real possibility when you calculate the number of Affiliates and Players you will have in your community by this time.

To help you continue to build your community full time we pay monthly Executive Bonuses from €500 to €2,000.

You can spend this money however you want — to finance a dream car, on travel costs, or on events for your community.

Show the world what a success you are making of GlobalWon Plus.

8. Collect and cash in Reward Chips

GlobalWon Plus Reward Chips are like the loyalty points you collect at your garage forecourt or supermarket.

Except instead of cuddly toys and coffee machines, you can exchange your Reward Chips for things you really want, like a classy watch, a dream holiday, or perhaps a sports car.

You collect Reward Chips when you buy Global Won Plus tickets or take part in the many special promotions we run.

Collect 15,000 Reward Chips and exchange them for a €15,000 gold watch, or keep collecting until you have enough for that new dream car.

GlobalWon Plus Reward Chips are another fun and rewarding way for us to thank you for your efforts in making GlobalWon Plus a worldwide success.

9. Earn on the tickets bought by Players in your community

As well as introducing new Affiliates to your community, after our global launch you will also be able to introduce Players.

Unlike Affiliates, GlobalWon Plus Players do not earn cash bonuses on the purchases of their community. However they do receive MultiWin bonuses when their friends win. So even the Players in your community will be constantly introducing new people.

And as the leader of your community you will earn your monthly bonus on the lifetime purchases of all the Players and Affiliates in your community.

Get paid now for building your team of Affiliates.
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The 9 Affiliate Income Streams
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